My Favorite Fluid eCommerce Websites

Have you ever been given the task to build an eCommerce website, possibly from scratch, with only the faintest prerogative from your client that the website must be good? In this article I’ll provide you with some valuable sources to help you sculpt your client’s ideas. Your job is to build their eCommerce site on their web host, and it will become a lot easier if you can help them articulate what they want. Even better yet, you could use these sources to push them into doing it the way you want – the right way!

Here is an amazing array of responsive eCommerce websites by Paul Rogers:

My favourite responsive ecommerce websites

My favourite responsive ecommerce websites | How to Grow Your Business Online |

From 11, 6:03 PM

This article features a variety of responsive ecommerce websites that are well designed and provide a good user experience.

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

Paul Rogers self-admittedly shamelessly plugs his own designs, with good reason – after dealing with many clients who sell to the demographic of tablet users, he’s had plenty of experience picking up the little tips and features that customers really like. Check out the features for yourself and compare them to the ready made templates listed below:


30 Best Ecommerce Website Templates Download

From www.freshdesignweb.comToday, 6:16 PM

Here are the best dynamic ecommerce website templates which include 30 types of online shopping categories that you can view demo and download from here as well

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

Rather than start from scratch Graham Bill has gone to great efforts to categorize these templates with live demonstrations. If you are using a Content Management System for your ecommerce like Prestashop, you may want to find similar templates that can integrate dynamic functionality with your existing CMS platform. In yet another compilation article, Jennifer Adam has sifted and detailed the best Prestashop Themes:


PrestaShop Themes: Collection of Best PrestaShop Theme Templates | Webgranth

PrestaShop Themes: Collection of Best PrestaShop Theme Templates | Webgranth | How to Grow Your Business Online |

From www.webgranth.comToday, 6:31 PM

“I am going to present some of the best PrestaShop themes just for you, which are supposed to be quite obvious and useful for eCommerce software development….

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

PrestaShop is considered as a robust platform which is light-weight, convenient and very affable to handle almost all kinds of solution for your online shopping store. It’s Open Source, which means in a similar way to WordPress, you can build on the existing functions of the Content Management System.


I would love to hear about dynamic eCommerce Sites that really worked  for you. submit a link to your ecommerce website example here or on my Google Plus, and I’ll run a future case study – Juliana.





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  1. I personally use the InstantEcom platform to help my clients build and maintain their e-commerce enabled websites. I do realize that there are tons of options out there for accomplishing the same goal and some of those options produce extremely nice looking and functional websites but the main issue I attempted to address was ease of use for non-technical users. It seems to me that a user’s skill level is the very first factor in determining which software and/or services to go with. For those with an above average skill level, there are some really great options out there but my focus is on people who are still struggling with how to send an attachment with an email but who aspire to operate their own business website for very cheap. The sites you linked to and your focus on responsive designs are both great suggestions for anyone looking to get their online business going.

  2. Paul Rogers on May 1st, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    Hi Juliana,

    Thanks for referencing my blog post within your article :)



  3. Hey Paul, thanks for stopping by! We’ll be keeping an eye out for updates from your awesome blog ;)

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