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Multiple Login Problems

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We all know what begins to happen when you start managing multiple websites, keeping track of all those admin logins. We all try to slim down the workflow process by dealing with a limited number of web hosts too. Here are three interesting perspectives relevant to coders, webmasters, and social media manager roles for online businesses.


How to share same login between multiple websites

I have multiple websites in different virtual folders on the same server. I created a UserManager Website for an admin to create the user accounts for the websites. I am using aspnet tables and login forms.
Juliana Payson‘s insight:
Here’s an ingenious idea by one coder to effectively manage multiple websites held on the same server. Unless you understand coding this is probably way over your head. However there are useful tips here nonetheless.

RoboForm is the top-rated password manager and web form filler that completely automates password entering and form filling.

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

Who said anything about ourselves having to be coders in order to manage multiple websites? This application does it all for you, social media accounts through to personal banking. Now I only wish I had a cool USB Flashdrive to keep my data on.


Examine the pros and cons of the five best ways to switch between Google accounts. Which way works the best for you?

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

It is nobody’s favorite thing to figure out how to keep your personal Gmail open, your work-related Docs, and maybe even a third account’s Calendar running. Kevin Purdy weighs up the pros and cons of different methods of running multiple Google Accounts. The clear solution to me is the multiple user accounts set-up via chrome (native Google Client Browser). However each of them have their own little catches and although Google realize we have separate accounts for work and personal, I wonder that it actually frowns on the whole idea since this is not as simple as it should be.

Hit me up on Google Plus or leave a comment for me if you have found other means to manage your multiple login problems. – Juliana


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