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The De Facto Cloud Should Be Transformative

There are all these reports coming out that cloud is now the “de facto” choice for technology – that basically it has trumped legacy systems so substantially that it’s now the top tech priority for businesses. But if cloud is now standard, it must also be transformative in order to incorporate finance chiefs. Cloud at Top of Business Now Considered the “De Facto” or Default Choice Leveraging the Potential for Transformation Why Settle for Mediocrity? Cloud at Top of Business It’s obvious to most businesspeople that technology is now central to business success. The ever-changing landscape of technology can only be ignored at one’s peril. What’s the evidence? In fact, a report released in June found that almost three out of four chief executives around the world believe that technology is disrupting their industry – in other words, they say it is the one element that most greatly influences the market. Technology is important, but what’s the most key technology for development, differentiation, and competitive advantage? Here are the top responses: Cloud computing – 63% Mobile tech – 61% Internet of things – 57% Cognitive computing – 37% Groundbreaking manufacturing tech – 28% [RELATED: Do you want cloud that’s never oversold? […]

7 Meaningful Improvements for E-commerce

How could you improve your e-commerce business this year? Try these methods to rethink your design, content, and hosting. Perform a content audit. Perform a design audit. Verify mobile usability. Put new content on your site, especially pictures and reviews. Retool your product copy. Use good photos that are not massive. Get true 100% HA cloud hosting. What can you potentially add or change about the way that your e-commerce company does business that can make a big impact on growth? Here are eight tactics from online strategists, web developers, and hosting experts. 1. Perform a content audit. Has some of your content become dead weight? We all know it’s good to have a huge amount of quality content, but sometimes certain pieces or posts will no longer fit with your message. Kathryn Hawkins of Eucalypt Media recommends creating a spreadsheet and marking each content piece to retain, change, or remove. That tactic does wonders for UX and navigability, she says. You also want to make sure you don’t have a bunch of broken links, advises Steve Silberberg, founder of the weight loss company Fitpacking. Broken links are irritating to individual users and also damage your Google search standing. 2. […]

KPI Focus: Know Your SaaS Company’s Key Performance Indicators

What are the most important metrics for SaaS? Here are 5 big ones, one of which is churn. After looking over the metrics, we will review a simple way to reduce churn. Key Performance Indicators Monthly Recurring Revenue Churn Cost per Acquisition Mean Revenue per Customer Lifetime Value Reducing Churn with Speed Key Performance Indicators What are the key performance indicators for your company? In other words, what metrics do you most need to watch to figure out the best direction and how you might need to change? There is a lot of overkill with metrics. Data is helpful, but it quickly makes a situation chaotic and even more difficult to understand if you’re trying to focus on dozens of metrics at once. As a basic rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to eliminate the amount of metrics you track simultaneously to 10, according to KISSmetrics market analyst Lars Lofgren. Otherwise, you can end up in the classic situation of “not being able to see the forest for the trees.” “When you’re tracking dozens of metrics at once, it’s nearly impossible to focus on the most important trends and act on them,” says Lofgren. “There’s just too much going on. […]

Tapping Innovation: How Developers Leverage Cloud

Introduction: Developers Key in a Data-Infused World Cloud as a Critical Tool for Development The Role of Open Source True Distributed Cloud for the Best Results Introduction: Developers Key in a Data-Infused World Developers are essential to the new economy. First, just think about the scale of data – even from a year ago: Think your post is important? It’s got competition. Every minute, 2.5 million instances of Facebook sharing occur. Do you think search engine optimization might be important? Do you think it might be getting more sophisticated? Every single minute, over 4 million search requests are placed with Google. Do you want to make a living off of your YouTube show? So does your neighbor. Every minute, 72 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube. In other words, the sheer amount of raw activity occurring in the digital universe is staggering. Because that activity is so intense, data is becoming more valuable all the time. Forbes Data Driven Business editor Howard Baldwin points out how powerful data is by looking at two companies, one that is data-based and one that is physical. Baldwin contrasts Facebook to a major airline, United Airlines, which he describes as “a company that actually […]

Toward a Fully FISMA-Compliant Federal Cloud

FISMA compliance is a fact of life for federal agencies. However, many agencies aren’t meeting regulatory requirements with their cloud computing services. What is FISMA? How to Achieve FISMA Compliance FISMA Cloud Compliance Has Holes The FISMA-Compliant Cloud What is FISMA? The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) was passed by U.S. Congress to create a management structure in order to safeguard federal data, systems, and properties against environmental disasters, cyberattacks, and human error. FISMA was a piece of the Electronic Government Act of 2002. FISMA gives certain agencies regulatory powers to maintain data security throughout federal systems, explained Margaret Rouse in TechTarget. “The act requires program officials, and the head of each agency, to conduct annual reviews of information security programs,” she said, “with the intent of keeping risks at or below specified acceptable levels in a cost-effective, timely and efficient manner.” How to Achieve FISMA Compliance The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) outlines the process to meet and maintain FISMA compliance: Using the security category definitions from FIPS 199, figure out what the impact level is for the data you want to secure. Determine the basic mechanisms that are necessary. Further improve your security stance with […]

Neighbor Stealing Your CPU vs. 4-in-1 Machine

Cloud Providers Treating Customers Like Barflies Scout’s Explanation of Steal Time at AWS How Much is Steal Time Affecting You? Movie Tickets Analogy Importance for Web Apps 4-in-1 Cloud VM Cloud Providers Treating Customers Like Barflies Almost all cloud service providers are overselling their resources to a ridiculous degree. They don’t provide real resource guarantees because they don’t want to: it’s easier to pack in as many customers as they can, especially since that terrible service quality is so standard in the industry. The quality of what you are getting in a cloud service at most providers is like bathrooms at dive bars (enter at your own risk). If everyone in the dive bar market is agreeing not to raise their cleanliness level into the Not Completely Disgusting range, customers are less irritated when they walk into another cesspool. Dive bars are designed for barflies: you can get the bar atmosphere for cheap, but don’t expect to be treated with respect. The basic philosophy shared by many cloud providers and dive bar owners is: “Everyone else is providing something awful, so why don’t we?” Just as the result of that philosophy leads to dirty bathrooms in the dive bar, it […]