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Is Edward Snowden Right About Amazon?

Sure, it’s easy to dislike the dominant player in your field. They sneeze, and journalists scramble to collect the airborne discharge and analyze it. However, the power of the big dogs is often left unchecked. We see that in both the public sector and private sector, and sometimes in relationships between the two. In this article, we will look at the relationship between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as follows: It Wasn’t Us: Red “Delete” Button Shoddy Intelligence: Cooking the Books on Torture CIA & Amazon: So Happy Together Is Amazon “Morally Irresponsible”? Partnering with a Company You Can Trust It Wasn’t Us: Red “Delete” Button The CIA’s publicity director has been having trouble keeping the brand’s sparkling reputation untarnished lately. A couple of leading legislators bolstered opposition to a CIA proposal, which goes something like this: “Hey, we’ve got a great idea to cut fat from the federal government’s data storage: get rid of our emails.” Julian Hattem reported in The Hill on December 1 that Texas Sen. John Cornyn, “the No. 2 Senate Republican,” had co-written a letter with Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy of Vermont. The two senators crossed the aisles, shook hands, and [...]

Big Brother Down Under Demands Cloud

This report discusses the Australian federal government’s adoption of the cloud, as detailed by a December 9 article in The Australian (see source below). The Department of Education seems to be ahead of other governmental branches with cloudification: its entire ecosystem should be “cloud-ready” by 2019. Other government departments with huge IT budgets, including Health and Immigration, are progressively shifting to the cloud as well. We will cover these topics: Australia – 5-year Cloud-Readiness Plan Department of Education Department of Health Immigration and Border Protection Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Are You Cloud-Ready? Australia – 5-year Cloud-Readiness Plan Fran Foo of The Australian spoke with directors of major federal government agencies to determine the extent of their cloud adoption, essentially getting the answers to two questions: What portion of their systems were currently prepared for cloud migration? What portion of their systems would be cloud-ready by 2019? Most of the departments said that they were getting as much of their technology as possible ready for migration to cloud virtual machines and securely accessible on the web. The Australian government’s move to the cloud provides an opportunity for tech contractors to get agencies prepared for on-demand computing, moving IT systems from the [...]

2015 Cloud Forecast – The Thrill is Gone

This report, which looks at the cloud computing industry via an Information Age list of annual projections, includes the following sections: Overview – The Thrill is Gone Trend #1: SDN/NSV Adoption Trend #2: Location, Location, Location Trend #3: Platforms on the Rise Trend #4: Container Obsession Trend #5: Internet of Things & Widespread Hair-Pulling Key Takeaways – Speed and Security Overview – The Thrill is Gone Chloe Green reports in Information Age that location is becoming a major factor for the development of IT infrastructures. Cloud meets the obvious need of speed at a low cost, but Green sees the cloud becoming less nebulous as the way in which “it is tethered to the ground will matter more than ever.” In other words, the thrill is gone. Cloud isn’t fluffy anymore. It’s functional. Here are Green’s five specific trends: Trend #1: SDN/NSV Adoption Over the past few years, the telecommunications industry has increasingly used software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NSV) to automate the delivery of their services. In the typical large company, though, traditional networking hardware such as switches, routers, and firewalls are commonplace. The game changer is that SDN and NSV are now being built in [...]

Survey: Running for Our Lives from Content Marketing

This report will look at how content marketing is changing the landscape within the content delivery network (CDN) industry. Our overview will contain the following components: Limelight: Content is King Kapost: No, Content is an Avalanche (help!) Forbes: 2014 State of the User Experience Limelight: Launching Products with Content Superb Internet: The Customers Are Right Limelight: Content is King We all know that content marketing is huge, but sometimes it helps to see things on the ground. 5000-foot views provide general illumination, but first-person accounts and examples serve as spotlights. To better understand the CDN market, Columbia University Professor Ava Seave conducted a couple of interviews of Limelight CMO Kirby Wadsworth for Forbes, one on driving sales and the other on the power of content marketing. The content marketing article is of particular interest since it is a relatively new and evolving concept that is making such a sweeping impact on business. Essentially, Wadsworth argues that the incorporation of content marketing into a CDN business (as in many other fields) allows “customers to be more successful,” which in turn improves the end-user experience. Below is a broad overview of content marketing, followed by an in-depth look at the role of [...]

Despite Considerable Kool-Aid Consumption, Security Heads for the Cloud

This article looks at cloud as the final frontier for security, exploring the topic as follows: CSO: 5 Ways Security Solutions Will Change Change #1 – Web as Network Perimeter Change #2 – SaaS Beats Out Endpoint Solutions: Swig of Kool-Aid Change #3 – Integration of Network and Endpoint Protection Change #4 – Transition from Alerts to Smart Use of Data Change #5 – Internet of Things Will Use Cloud Protections as Its Basis Superb Internet: Audited and Certified CSO: 5 Ways Security Solutions Will Change Security isn’t running away from the cloud but moving toward it. After all, the third platform (cloud, social, big data, and mobile) is where the action is. That’s the thrust of a message by Paul Lipman of iSheriff, who wrote in CSO magazine last week that the standard methods businesses have used for security in the past are “insufficient for modern businesses.” While the third platform continues to build and overtake the second platform (personal computers) as the primary means through which the Internet is used, across-the-board security systems can help companies to streamline their operations and scale effectively. Lipman argues that the current, highly disruptive state of technology – led by red-hot segments [...]

Cloud Mythos & Deception: 5 More Provider Fibs

This article is a follow-up to a companion piece about misleading statements that are made during the sales and marketing of cloud products. We will cover the following topics: Review: Who Can We Believe? 5 Other Common Cloud Lies Conclusion: Peace-of-mind in the Cloud Review: Who Can We Believe? When we previously looked at lies told to potential customers during the cloud sales process, we mentioned that some providers have allowed the proliferation of certain misunderstandings that benefit the adoption of their technology. Marketing material can sometimes include preposterous claims, but the most likely situation in which you will hear half-truths is one-on-one with a salesperson. Those individual interactions aren’t carefully vetted by the company and offer a shady organization an opportunity to displace responsibility. Marketing has become more complex these days as well, though, as evidenced by the source material for this pair of pieces: a December 2nd article from ForbesBrandVoice. This portion of the Forbes website runs through the Google News feed even though it’s marketing material, in the process discrediting the Forbes brand (after all, if they are presenting advertisements as news, then who’s to say their “legitimate content” doesn’t also fall within the advertisement category?). Nonetheless, [...]