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Neighbor Stealing Your CPU vs. 4-in-1 Machine

Cloud Providers Treating Customers Like Barflies Scout’s Explanation of Steal Time at AWS How Much is Steal Time Affecting You? Movie Tickets Analogy Importance for Web Apps 4-in-1 Cloud VM Cloud Providers Treating Customers Like Barflies Almost all cloud service providers are overselling their resources to a ridiculous degree. They don’t provide real resource guarantees because they don’t want to: it’s easier to pack in as many customers as they can, especially since that terrible service quality is so standard in the industry. The quality of what you are getting in a cloud service at most providers is like bathrooms at dive bars (enter at your own risk). If everyone in the dive bar market is agreeing not to raise their cleanliness level into the Not Completely Disgusting range, customers are less irritated when they walk into another cesspool. Dive bars are designed for barflies: you can get the bar atmosphere for cheap, but don’t expect to be treated with respect. The basic philosophy shared by many cloud providers and dive bar owners is: “Everyone else is providing something awful, so why don’t we?” Just as the result of that philosophy leads to dirty bathrooms in the dive bar, it […]

Projection: 15 Million Developers in Cloud by End of 2015

As cloud becomes the central development environment, cloud services are aiming to best meet developer needs. Infrastructure-as-a-Service Growing Astronomically Developers Rush Toward the Cloud Why Developers are Critical to Your Mission Setting the Stage for Great Developers The CIO vs. the Developer Distributed Storage for Developer-Grade Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Growing Astronomically Cloud is growing extraordinarily fast. You probably have heard that, but a new report from International Data Corporation (IDC) backs up what previous analyses have suggested. The IDC report predicts that the amount spent on cloud infrastructure will expand 21% year- over-year between December 2014 and December 2015. It will rise from representing 28% of all infrastructure costs to 33% of them, totaling $32 billion by year’s end. The rate at which businesses continue to switch over to cloud platforms will continue to be high through the end of the year and into 2016, explains Kuba Stolarski of IDC. “As the market evolves into deploying 3rd Platform solutions and developing next-gen software,” he says, “organizations of all types and sizes will discover that traditional approaches to IT management will increasingly fall short of the simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility requirements that form the core of cloud solutions.” Developers Rush Toward the […]

Digital Duncecap: 9 Memorable Cloud Fails

Cloud industry market leaders are incredibly successful in the category of failure. Here are some top trending #CloudFails from the technology’s brief history. At Superb Internet, we consider almost ALL cloud providers to be fails because they’re overselling their services, leading to unnecessarily spotty performance. Before we get into why what we offer is vastly superior to the often disappointing speed and reliability of our competitors, let’s look at nine of the biggest historic cloud fails. Netflix Goes Down Thanks to Amazon This year, AWS proudly let us know that its cloud computing division was worth almost $5 billion. For growth, they get a gold star. But as the dangers of eating contests reveal, bigger is not always better. Netflix was one of the original mega-companies to try out Amazon Web Services (AWS). At first glance, it looked like a match made in heaven. “On the one hand, there was Netflix, whose streaming services were growing far faster than the company could maintain with internal IT resources,” says Andrew Froehlich of InformationWeek, “[O]n the other, retail giant Amazon was on the bleeding edge of the cloud computing movement and ready to make a splash with its new venture.” Sadly for anyone hoping […]

Not All Cloud Services are Created Equal

Think about any field, and you can identify the promise of the service provided and how that promise is left unfulfilled by many businesses due to their greed and willingness to leave their customers unsatisfied. Two obvious examples: Preventable medical errors are the third-highest cause of death in the United States, suggesting that many American “healthcare” providers are doing an awful job at living up to their name. In academia, the cost of for-profit colleges is almost twice that of in-state public four-year school tuition ($15,130 vs. $8893), but employability for for-profit graduates is 22% lower that it is for public institutions and private nonprofit schools. Should you go to the doctor when you get sick? Maybe, but be careful what clinic or hospital you choose – apparently there’s a fair amount of collateral damage. Is an education worth it anymore? Sure, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that a diploma is just as valuable no matter where you go. Not every doctor will kill you, and not every diploma is worthless, though. The message here is that quality still matters. It matters in technology just as it does in other industries. It’s critical when choosing cloud providers because cloud […]

Cloud Fuels Worldwide Adaptation & Predictive Analytics for E-commerce

The adaptability and predictive analytics of cloud allow e-commerce companies to excel in an increasingly complex marketplace. Global Adaptation Predictive Analytics Strong Cloud with Distributed Storage Global Adaptation Clarins, a French makeup manufacturer, decided to aggressively target the Chinese market in 2012. The company had previously only made sales in China via its affiliates. It wasn’t easy to figure out how to maintain its current brand presence and properly position itself with Chinese consumers, explains online sales VP Laurent Malaveille. Using a cloud e-commerce system makes it easy to split those two messages. In years past, running a complete second website could have been prohibitively expensive. Today, system maintenance is entrusted to a cloud provider. Since the basic technical aspects of Clarins’ infrastructure are covered, the IT and e-commerce teams are able to focus on more specific work concerns such as the company’s rewards program. The Chinese site was a huge success, with double-digit revenue increase through the first six months. The company currently operates a dozen e-commerce websites worldwide, each of them tailored toward the specific regional culture and powered by a cloud server. One reason the company is using cloud is that it wants to be able to […]

Lessons That Cloud Computing is Teaching the Car Industry

Transportation is about getting different places within the physical world, while cloud is fundamentally about moving around in the virtual world. Regardless of this different focus, the car can learn much from the cloud. Transportation is a vast field of industry. The top five car companies bring in more than $822 billion in just one year. Although automotive is enormous, it’s vulnerable to the same technological disruption that is occurring elsewhere. Zipcar, Lyft, and the ultra-popular but much-loathed Uber are changing the way that we get ourselves from place to place. IT has been in rapid transition just as transportation has. Looking at the computing transition from physical, legacy systems to cloud architectures shows us the path forward for automotive companies – as indicated by these five lessons. 1. Renting is the budget-friendly choice. In the pre-cloud era (that of the second platform, the common client-server setup), those who rented IT basically expected to pay more and get less. However, as the volume of IT consumers expanded and technology was adjusted to optimize efficiency, renting became the way to go. “Today’s cloud IT vendors have both the buying power and the operational discipline to minimize the cost to the customer of […]