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Companies Drastically Underachieving Cloud Potential [Continued]

Note: To read Part One of this article, please click HERE. Additional Obstacles to Cloudification The Migration Process Why Cloud-First? Public Sector Success Stories Additional Obstacles to Cloudification #3 – Failure to flexibly adapt As McKayla Maroney will tell you, you can’t achieve your dreams of winning an Olympic medal in gymnastics if you can’t flexibly adapt. Flexible adaptation is critical with cloud too. It must be a fundamental shift rather than an isolated project. Think of initial planning as your floor exercise and migration as your vault; and stay hydrated. The Bain team found that operational changes can amount to 50% of potential cloud value. It helps to have cloud service providers (CSPs) supporting and monitoring the system. However, the greatest benefits are realized “when business and IT align on ‘cloud-first’ guiding principles for future workloads, vertically integrated teams take project ownership from beginning to end and staff is empowered to access the resources it needs,” explained Bain. For cloud to proceed as smoothly as possible, it also makes sense for businesses to try the following tactics: Simplifying and standardizing development Deploying automation apps Making any self-service options available Strategizing how to optimize agility Building a DevOps model to directly integrate […]

Companies Drastically Underachieving Cloud Potential

Companies want to put at least half of their infrastructures into the cloud. However, far fewer workloads are actually being migrated. Understanding the challenge of disruption and possible obstacles to adoption can help your company meet its virtual goals. Two-Thirds of Cloud Unrealized Disruption – Blessing & Curse Obstacles to Cloudification IaaS Trumps AWS Two-Thirds of Cloud Unrealized The vast majority of tech and line-of-business decision-makers understand why cloud is a wise choice: development proceeds more smoothly; the environments have greater agility and can scale seamlessly; and the budget can be cut for IT tools and resources. In other words, everyone knows how valuable cloud can be. Nonetheless, very few organizations are using cloud to its full advantage. In a poll of almost 500 organizations, global management consultancy Bain & Company revealed big companies are generally prepared to go half-in with cloud service providers (CSP’s), saying that they would like to move 50% or more of IT tasks to a CSP. Although that’s the goal, the reality is that firms run a mere 18% of their IT through cloud VM’s. In other words, the reality of cloud is about 36% of its potential. Although organizations have transferred sizable chunks of […]

Cloud Offers Prime Location for Small Business

Everyone wants to open up their small business in the right place. Sophie Devonshire of Babes With Babies has found her ideal location in the cloud. Welcome to the 21st Century Working from Afar Is it Real? Centralization Attempts Times are Changing Business Without Borders What About You? Welcome to the 21st Century Sophie Devonshire owns a truly 21st-century business – one that would have been impossible only a few years ago. She has no headquarters. All her employees collaborate from independent locations in France, Dubai, and the United Kingdom. Babes With Babies, Devonshire’s e-commerce business for new and expectant mothers, has cashed in by using third-platform technologies for a competitive advantage: profits have risen 600% since 2007. BWB, like many small businesses in 2015, uses cloud tech to tighten budgets and allow staff to work variable shifts, with access to worldwide customers. Working from Afar The company works together on projects via the project management environment Trello. “It’s as if we’re in a meeting room,” Devonshire commented. “Zoe our chief buyer will enter her recommendations, then others will go in and add their thoughts.” The team also relies heavily on Skype instant-messaging. Devonshire believes that instant-messaging programs are helpful in allowing […]

Cloud Disrupts Content Management and Manufacturing

The Most Disruptive Technology Ever Content Marketing, Disrupted Manufacturing, Disrupted Realizing the Full Value of Cloud The Most Disruptive Technology Ever Mike Saliter, director of international market development for QlikTech, said that cloud is fast becoming the go-to tech model. Anyone can get their own cloud server running almost immediately. The broad menu of services available at any time and from any location has only continued to expand. The cloud is not just diverse in its service offerings but in its disruption. Long-established leaders have to develop new ways of doing business – including what they charge, how they market, and the IT equipment they use. The top contenders will not be those that necessarily offer the best value but that are built through collaborative development and allow users to conveniently access the functionality. “Cloud just might be the most disruptive technology ever,” argued Greg Satell of Forbes. “The world’s most advanced technologies are not only available to large enterprises who can afford to maintain an expensive IT staff, but can be accessed by anybody with an internet connection.” Content Marketing, Disrupted The enterprise content marketing (ECM) industry is being disrupted by cloud and the rise of the third platform, […]

Great Cloud Stories of Con Games and Snooping

Ponzi Scheme Phony Experts Law Firms Warned about Intelligence Snooping CloudGOO Brings Together Multiple Storage Accounts Cloud Offers New Small Business Opportunities Cloud Reconnaissance Mission As in any industry, especially ones that are growing fast, cloud has its share of ne’er-do-wells. Here are some of the best stories about con games and snooping, along with a couple of feel-good tales – because cloud should never make you cry. Ponzi Scheme The Securities and Exchange Commission pulled the plug on a Ponzi scheme that fraudulently offered massive profits for investing in cloud technology. The scam, which was announced on March 28, 2014, targeted Asian-Americans, Latinos, and populations outside the United States. “Xu and his entities claimed they were using investor funds to build a strong cloud services company that would then ignite other high-tech companies and ultimately make their investors very wealthy,” said Michele Wein Layne, LA-based regional director of the SEC. People who gave the scam organization money and/or referred others were issued “points” that could be used as shares of cloud providers that were supposedly approaching IPOs. The fraudulent company, which operated both as WCM777 and WCM, received almost $70 million in investments between 2013 and 2014. The fraudsters told their […]

5 IT Concepts for Small Business

Cloud Hosting Hybrid Clouds E-Invoicing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) In our previous article “When Should You Replace Small-Business Technology?”, we talked about how interconnected technology now is with business. Since that’s the case, you will give your business a boost by staying abreast of emergent technologies that can deliver a competitive advantage. Here are five IT concepts with which you want to be familiar in 2015: Cloud Hosting Companies typically spend large portions of their budget on technology, but they aren’t buying as many physical machines. Instead, they are purchasing tech resources “as a service” through cloud providers. While you may think of cloud computing as a consumer or business running a program on a provider’s cloud (as is the case with many software-as-a-service providers), you can actually get your own virtual machine through infrastructure-as-a-service, aka cloud hosting. “Cloud hosting accomplishes the same goals as an on-premises server,” explained Digity CEO Seth Bailey, “but instead of storing all your files locally (e.g., on a server at your place of business), all your data and documents reside in a secure sever located on the Internet.” Just like Apple users can access their music and photos from anywhere or Dropbox […]