We Rule! And the Users of Dedicated Server Directory are Pretty Cool too…

unixaward2.jpgThere is one particular factoid that is very true of SuperbHosting.net. That is, when it comes to dedicated servers and dedicated hosting, we are awesome. Like super good at it; and this factoid was recognized by the users of Dedicated Server Directory as this month SuperbHosting.com was named one of the best Unix Server Providers available!

Dedicated Server Directory is really cool because it represents the opinions of real users and voters; and those real users and voters are easily swayed with handfuls of peanut butter M&M’s, and in some cases, no name butterscotch purse candies. Which we were happy to be rid of…darn cheap old ladies with their subpar Halloween treats. You couldn’t give those away! Let alone trade them; until we did trade them…for votes. Thanks Dedicated Server Directory users! You can expect a shipment of Licorice Allsorts AKA grandma candy AKA vomit inducing garbage cakes in the mail.

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