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Rack Colocation

Rack Colocation with

Colocation space does not require bandwidth purchase from us (customer may purchase a cross-connect to a Telco of their choice instead); bandwidth purchases on HopOne Internet start at a minimum commit of 10 Mbps (100 Mbps for GigE). Bandwidth for colocation space is measured on industry-standard 95th percentile basis. All colocation spaces include 20 Amps of 110V power and a fully burstable FastEthernet uplink with 10Mb/s of HopOne Internet IP transit.

IP Allocation & VLANs

Clients will be allocated the number of IPs justified; there are no charges for IP allocation of up to /28 (16 IPs). Allocations larger than /28 (16 IPs) are charged nominal fees:

Each IP Allocation Instance - $150/setup
Each IP allocated (<256 IPs) - $2/m
Each IP allocated (>256 IPs) - contact

A private VLAN can be created upon demand. Any IPs allocated along with a private VLAN are exempt from IP allocation instance fees. Private VLAN fees include using and advertising our client's own IP space, if so provided and requested. The following fees apply:

Private VLAN - $750/setup, $350/m

BGP Routing

BGP4 routing is included with IP transit services, for customers with their own ASN. A setup fee of $750 applies for new BGP sessions. A BGP modification fee of $250 applies for any material changes to an existing BGP session. Note: periodic (weekly or lesser frequency) prefix-list and AS-list updates are exempt from such fees.


Cross-connects can be provisioned to either our partner HopOne Internet or any third party telco, network, or customer present at our data centers. Cross-connects are charged as follows:

Cross-connect to HopOne Internet $0/setup, $0/m
Cross-Connect to Third Party $600/setup, $250/m
Cross-Connect to Self (same customer) $400/setup, $250/m

Cross-connects may be MMF, SMF or copper for FastE, GigE, 10Gig, T1, PRI, DS-3/T3, OC-n, etc.
In the DC metro area, a 100 Mb/s FastEthernet Metro-XC service is offered between our DCA2, DCA3 data centers and IAD1 (Equinix). $750/setup, $500/m - Including the local DCA2/3 cross-connect

Managed Services

On-demand managed services are available for custom work / remote "smart" hands.
Scheduled - $120/hr
Immediate/Urgent - $210/hr

Rack Colocation

Per month
- 20Amps of 110V
- 10Mb/s FastE Bandwidth

Custom Cages are Available for Multiple Racks, contact our sales department for more information.

Colocation Space »

Unit Space Setup Monthly
1/2 Rack $950 $775
Full Rack $1500 $875
Per Secure Cabinet $1750 $950
Tower Shelf $1500 $1075
All colocation space includes 20A - 110V power and a fully burstable FastEthernet uplink with 10Mb/s of HopOne Internet IP transit.

Power »

Additional Power Setup Monthly
20A - 110V $500 $375
30A - 110V $600 $565
20A - 220V $750 $750
30A - 220V $1250 $1125
Upgrade to 20A/220V
(from included 20A/110V)
$750 $375

Bandwidth »

Ethernet Monthly
10Mbps   $28 per Mbps
FastE Bandwidth Monthly
10Mbps   $38 per Mbps
20Mbps   $36 per Mbps
40Mbps   $34 per Mbps
60Mbps   $30 per Mbps
80Mbps   $28 per Mbps
100Mbps   $20 per Mbps
GigE Bandwidth » Monthly
100Mbps   $28 per Mbps
250Mbps   $24 per Mbps
500Mbps   $20 per Mbps

Miscellaneous »

Hardware Setup Monthly
Cisco Catalyst 2950G EI 48 Port
(+2 GigE Uplink) Access Switch
$195 $45

Coast-to-Coast Network Infrastructure