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Price Match Guarantee

Our Price Match Guarantee is easy to understand. Just send us an email with the criteria listed under “How to Qualify” and our Price Match Specialist will do the rest.

Price should never be a reason for you to choose another hosting company. If you find another comparable hosting company selling the same dedicated server, we'll match it – GUARANTEED!

To qualify for a Price Match, you must send an email via the form on the right.

After we receive the URL, we will do the rest. Our Price Match Specialist will look at the information to ensure that the server specifications match those of our server, along with location of data center and whether or not the competitor has live, onsite 24x7x365 server admins and support technicians.

Our Price Match Specialist has matched hundreds of servers and is qualified to walk you through your purchase and ensure you get the server you need at a comparable price.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so absolutely confident as one of the oldest hosting companies around, that we know what it takes to earn and keep your business, we 100% guarantee your satisfaction. Besides our “Customers First Guarantee” listed below, we guarantee that in the first 30 days, if for any reason, you're not satisfied with us we will refund 100% of your purchase.

How to Qualify

You must send the following to us via email:

  • URL of Superb’s server you are seeking a price match for
  • URL of the Competitor’s server you are matching to

Our Price Match Specialist will check:

  • Data center location must be in the US or Canada
  • Server specifications should be comparable (i.e. CPU, RAM, HD)
  • Data center located in, must have onsite, 24x7 technicians

Customers First Guarantee

We are so certain about our ability to deliver what we promise our customers about our service levels, that we go way beyond the competition’s warrantees. We value your business so much so that we do not monkey around with tiny discounts.

Item Guaranteed Estimated SLA Credit
Dedicated Server Deployment 24 Hours 5 Hours average Up to 1 month credit
Cloud Server Deployment 10 Minutes 2 Minutes average Up to 1 month credit
Hardware Replacement 2 Hours 45 Minutes average Up to 1 month credit
First Response to Support Ticket 30 Minutes 10 Minutes average Up to 1 month credit
Ticket Update Frequency 2 Hours 1 Hour average Up to 1 month credit
Power Uptime 100% 100% Up to 1 month credit
Network Uptime 100% 100% Up to 1 month credit