Seattle, Washington D.C. & Northern Virginia Servers for Rack Colocation at Superb Internet
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Seattle and Northern Virginia

Data Center & Rack Colocation at Superb Internet

Colocation space does not require bandwidth purchase from us (customer may purchase a cross-connect to a Telco of their choice instead); bandwidth purchases on HopOne Internet start at a minimum commit of 10 Mbps (100 Mbps for GigE). Bandwidth for colocation space is measured on industry-standard 95th percentile basis. All colocation spaces include 20 Amps of 110V power and a fully burstable FastEthernet uplink with 10Mb/s of HopOne Internet IP transit.

IP Allocation & VLANs

Clients will be allocated the number of IPs justified; there are no charges for IP allocation of up to /28 (16 IPs). A private VLAN can be created upon demand. Any IPs allocated along with a private VLAN are exempt from IP allocation instance fees. Private VLAN fees include using and advertising our client's own IP space, if so provided and requested.

BGP Routing

BGP4 routing is included with IP transit services, for customers with their own ASN. Note: periodic (weekly or lesser frequency) prefix-list and AS-list updates are exempt from such fees.


Cross-connects can be provisioned to either our partner HopOne Internet or any third party telco, network, or customer present at our data centers.

Cross-connects may be MMF, SMF or copper for FastE, GigE, 10Gig, T1, PRI, DS-3/T3, OC-n, etc. In the DC metro area, a 100 Mb/s FastEthernet Metro-XC service is offered between our DCA2, DCA3 data centers and IAD1 - Including the local DCA2/3 cross-connect

Managed Services

On-demand managed services are available for custom work / remote "smart" hands.

Rack Colocation

Best Seller

-Includes 20Amps of 110V
-10Mb/s FastE Bandwidth

Custom Cages are Available for Multiple Racks, contact our sales department for more information.


Our Network Infrastructure is Coast-to-Coast