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myCP® Ticket System

From purchasing a domain name-for as little as $9.95 a year-to adding managed services to your dedicated server, you'll find the "myCP®" control panel to be a fast, efficient way to organize your account with us.

If you use shared hosting or manage your own server, myCP® lets you do everything from change passwords and monitor the use of your server to performing a reboot. Features such as "Traffic Charts" give you the ultimate in convenience and control; with Traffic Charts you can set warning alerts, download the server's traffic history monthly, and plan ahead for future growth when you see you're nearing your port cap.

We've designed each feature with as many customized options as possible. For example, you decide which e-mail address you'd like your server status interval checks to be sent to, and how long an interval you want to set. You can select from an array of our most popular managed services at a discount, and you have constant access to discount offers for useful tools, including Yahoo's Sponsored Search.

At any point, depending upon your business needs, you can add new service options, ordering straight through myCP®. Your entire account history is always at your fingertips .... Login History, billing history, and service history.

Even better, with one click you have access to the Superb Knowledge Base, which is basically an encyclopedia of FAQs: many topics for those using shared hosting or managing their own servers, access to our Web Site Creator site builder solution, advice on ecommerce and access to Zen Cart and Miva Merchant, our Anti-Virus Service for managing e-mail, and even a Support Ticket section with live postings of known issues, details, times, and forecasts.

If you can't find the answer you need, not to worry-live support is available by phone or e-mail 24x7x365.

That's the Superb Standard®: Your Service Never Stops

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