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Elevate and Accelerate Your Website(s) by Spreading Your Content Across Multiple Datacenters Globally.

Delivering content and rich media requires the least amount of latency, along with the highest speed possible to ensure that users have an exceptional experience on your website(s).

To save your visitors a vast amount of time requires that your content be located within close proximity. This way, visitors can get the information that they’re seeking for quickly, which in turn, translates to better customer engagement, improved conversions, and most importantly, increased revenues.

CDN’s serve a broad segment of today’s Internet content, including web objects (text, graphics, and script); downloadable objects (media files, software, and documents); applications (e-commerce and portals); live or on-demand streaming media; and social networks.

With Superb Internet’s large distributed system of servers located in multiple datacenters across the world, our CDN can deliver content to end-users at lighting-speed with high-availability and high-performance.


Our CDN has 172 “Points of Presence” in 113 cities across 43 countries that’s available every day all around the globe and we’re working to deploy this enhancement in more cities and countries to make sure that your content gets there faster than you can imagine.

So get started today and let us help you improve your customer engagement, sales, and revenues!

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Our CDN Benefits

The perfect combination of service, performance, and reliability to ensure your content get to your users quickly.

Better, Faster User Experience

Fast websites mean a better user experience. Drastically decrease page load times and increase conversion with our CDN to build loyal, engaged users.

Increased Security

Our powerful security tools protect your content and applications from unauthorized use; includes industry-leading encryption standards.


Availability is critical. Our 100% Uptime SLA guarantees your content is distributed to your choice of Edge Groups (Continents) faster & guaranteed reliability.

Cost Savings

Using our CDN will signficantly lower your enterprise's operational expenses. you can cut costs considerably using our CDN network compared to others.

Lightning Fast

Your content is served from over 172 global edge locations around the world so your users get your media and content from nearby servers, lightning fast.

Easy to Use

Our easy-to-use control panel is tightly integrated into our CDN making it simple to distribute your content to hundreds of edge locations globally.

Fully Managed

Everything we do is managed. We manage your cloud infrastructure and are always here for you to ensure your content is always delivered!

Global Presence

Our CDN leverages infrastructure that is located globally over nearly 200 global points of presence (CDN) edge locations around the world.

High Availablity

Monitoring and operations teams are hard at work 24x7x365 to keep our CDN infrastructure available all of the time.


The combination of service, performance and reliability


Your data is stored around the world. We provide you the best CDN performance. From whole sites to mobile, our acceleration and delivery services will bring you to the world’s digital doorstep.


Flash, Silverlight, or HTTP – live- or on-demand, we’ll deliver it better than anyone.


Scale seamlessly to a level that’s right for your enterprise. Security, replication, and caching infrastructures mean massive scale at ultra-fast speeds.


Superb CDN integrates with Google DNS and Open DNS, and customer CNAME URLs. Hosted at datacenters worldwide, it automatically directs content requests to the nearest CDN location.

Fast Application Delivery

Accelerate delivery of your web applications and non-static content.


Total and immediate visibility into content performance and the user experience. Range of reports displayed as graphs and tables can also be exported as a CSV for further analysis.


Secure streamlined tools for managing content and content monetization protects digital rights and maximizes return.

High-Quality Content + Media-Rich Websites

Optimizing data and content delivery allows websites to include richer, more creative content.


Removing static content load from your origin server frees up valuable server and network resources, helping your applications perform and respond at lightning speed.

Improve your Search Rankings

Did you know search engines now reward fast-loading sites with better rankings? Increase traffic, rank, and visibility with little effort.

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