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Professional Services Division

Another significant advantage of choosing Superb lies with our experienced certified team of Systems and Network Administrators in our Professional Services Division. Every developer on the team is ready to help you solve any IT challenges. The Professional Services Division can help you manage all your IT "growing pains" as you scale up your business by providing you with options for customized expansion strategies. Usually services are available for a standard cost of $120 per hour, with emergency weekend and night calls costing $180 per hour. Are you interested in Professional Services? Please complete the following form: Professional Service Request


Our migration service allows you to make a seamless move of your current hosting infrastructure to our global network. Or you can upgrade your existing server from shared hosting to a dedicated server. The team makes it trouble-free and when you host with us, domain registration is free.

Database Management

We manage the daily stress of maintaining and optimizing your database, by handling administrative tasks, so you don't have to. This is especially valuable if you have a very large system of clustered servers or load balance on the east and west coast.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning is one of those essential business components most businesses easily overlook. Don't risk the health of your business and be prepared for any disaster. Our experts will provide confidential consulting to establish a unique Disaster Recovery Plan that identifies the scope and key processes to ensure the continuity, success, and health of your online business.

Server Optimization

Our engineers can optimize your server settings to improve resource utilization, reducing the number of servers required to perform most efficiently, which helps control costs. Our Server Optimization services include a comprehensive assessment to identify itemized cost savings. We also offer customized Magento services for ecommerce, which optimize Magento's speed and utility.

High-Availability Solutions

A High-Availability Hosting Solution is crucial to your business when you are dealing with mission-critical data and high demand. Our team will pinpoint and eliminate every possible single point of failure and make sure that your infrastructure offers complete redundancy through Data Replication or other Key Strategies that Superb offers.

PCI DSS Compliance

Ensuring your hosting infrastructure is PCI DSS Compliant is critical for secure customer credit card transactions. Our security experts can assess your hosted environment and provide a gap-analysis on requirements needed to meet compliance.

Security Services

In this era of ever-increasing cybercrime it is imperative that your data is well protected. We can conduct audit reviews and test the security of your hosting infrastructure. Our security experts will help identify holes, address concerns, and provide recommendations for the maximum security of your hosted environment. Options you'll want to consider include OS Hardening

Search Engine Optimization

Another Superb specialty is our team of experienced Internet Marketing experts who specialize in Search Engine Marketing. They can plan and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy for your website. Increase the visibility of your website by making it easier for your customers to find you - and profits naturally follow!

Vulnerability Scan

Superb's Vulnerability Scanner is a powerful network assessment tool for finding potential security risks and flaws, either inherent to the operating system or created from misconfigurations. This security tool reports on thousands of updated vulnerabilities by performing a complete scan.
As a complimentary service, all our customers receive one free scan per month*. If the scan finds an issue, we will be there to assist. We will provide consultative services, where a member of our Professional Services team will walk you through the results and provide a plan-of-action recommendation.
*additional scans are available on demand for a small additional fee

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