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Your Wholesale Benefits + Features

Built for larger enterprise businesses, our practically infinitely scalable wholesale cloud is great for content providers and SaaS companies with 100 to 1,000 VMs (Virtual Machines) to host.

Built for Business

Reseller rejoice! Large pools of dedicated
resources in a semi-private and fully
customizable cloud.

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Grows as You Grow

Providing the building blocks to your success.
Growing your business one block at a time.

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Save on Size

The bigger you grow your cloud,
the less you pay.

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You have the option to create and configure
your VMs within your designated resources.

Infinitely Scalable

Customer can grow their cloud deployment as
quickly & as large as their business needs require.


Wholesale cloud is fully compatible with both
private cloud and dedicated and colocated servers.

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Wholesale Cloud
Multiple VMs

Plan Name WC1-10000
Cores 16
Passmark per Core 625
Total Passmark 10000
SSD | SATA        
TB/m Traffic 10
Max # of VMs Equal to the # of cores purchased

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Quantity Discount

Discounts available for multiple Wholesale Cloud plans. Savings equivalent to number of plans purchased (ie. 2% for two or 10% for ten.)

Quantity Savings Monthly Price
2 2% $686.00
3 3% $679.00
4 4% $672.00
5 5% $665.00
6 6% $658.00
7 7% $651.00
8 8% $644.00
9 9% $637.00
10 10% $630.00

* CloudServer, DedicatedCloud and Wholesale Cloud accounts are billed on a monthly, quarterly, 6 month or yearly billing cycle, as chosen by the customer. The hourly prices are provided for reference and are rounded approximations. In periods other than the full billing cycle, the service billing is prorated on a daily basis.

The default bandwidth (for each VM created) is 100 Mb/s. The throughput level may be upgraded upon request.