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Benefits of GridIron®

Here's the heart of the shared hosting dilemma: The technical reality is that servers have a finite capacity in terms of storage, traffic, CPU and memory. However, your business reality is that you cannot afford sluggish loading times or timed-out database queries. But with our innovative GridIron Platform you have the ultimate in flexibility, while ensuring that your resources cannot be squeezed out by other shared hosts on your servers who encounter unforeseen mass media coverage or run demanding media-rich content 24/7.

Cost Effective Option

In the past the only solution to avoid shared server issues was getting your own dedicated server, but this becomes a costly option. With the innovative design of the GridIron platform (a two year development) you can have the security, performance and flexibility you want without the complications of managing a highly customized server environment.

The GridIron Platform allows your business to utilize powerful databases, custom CGIs, DLLs and more. Choose any of our Grid plans, and you gain many of the benefits of a dedicated server without having to worry about the costs.

Uptime Guarantee

Our GridIron Platform is fully redundant at every level with no single point of failure. We're so confident in our design that we offer one of the best Service Level Agreements (SLA) in the industry - 100% of network uptime and a 100% server uptime guarantee.

Secure Your Data

From day one, the system architecture was statically designed with to maintain highly available and fully redundant servers. From database servers to network and applications, our developers established a system with absolutely no single point of failure, anywhere so even if there were to be multiple failures at every level the GridIron Platform would continue to run. Many potential failures are detected automatically, and the backup systems will take over in seconds. Everything else is monitored 24/7 by our ITIL certified staff .

Built for You

The GridIron Platform was designed with the customer in mind. It is as simple as working with a traditional single-server solution. It was built to maximize any growth opportunities with a fully expandable, scalable architecture - it can grow as fast as your business. In addition, our one-click app library allows you to customize your platform to you specific business needs.

Join the Grid

Join the new era of virtual hosting with one of the industry's most reliable platform. The GridIron Platform has been extensively, and combined with Superb's award-winning 24/7/365 support, state-of-the-art fully redundant company-owned data centers and our coast-to-coast IP backbone you can rest assured that you are getting the best.

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Core Features

  • 100% Grid platform Uptime Guarantee
  • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Fully Redundant Network and Data Centers
  • Firewall Protection
  • Advanced Server Grid Technology
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Daily Data Backup
  • Domain Manager
  • myCP Control Panel
  • Reseller and Affiliate Access
  • SSH Access
  • IP address resolution
  • Site Statistics
  • Disk Space and Traffic Usage Monitoring
  • Round-the-Clock, Day and Night Support
  • 30-Day Guarantee

E-Commerce Shopping Cart

  • Zen Cart

E-Mail Features

  • POP3/IMAP Mailboxes
  • Anti-virus/Spam Protection
  • Webmail
  • FormMail with CAPTCHA
  • E-mail Forwarding
  • Mailing List
  • Distribution List
  • Auto-Reply

Languages Supported

  • PHP 5
  • Perl 5
  • Python

Internet Marketing

  • $25 Credit on Yahoo Sponsored Search
  • MIVA Advertising Credit
  • One-Year Free Ratepoint Membership

Superb's GridIron® Platform is our unprecedented solution for those of you who want the cost-efficient and supportive benefits of shared hosting... without the risks.