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When do I get paid?

You earn a one-time referral fee so long as your referral stays with us for 60 days and when the accumulated commission exceeds $75. Commissions are calculated on or around the first of every month and paid out by the 10th of each month via PayPal. Please allow 3-5 additional working days for PayPal processing. E.g., signed up via your link on March 20th and has stayed with Superb for 60 days, until May 19th. Your commission will be sent out on June 10th and deposited into your PayPal account by June 15th.

How long do I get monthly recurring payouts for each customer I bring in?

You will receive monthly recurring payouts for the lifetime of the customer's account. In other words, as long as the customer remains with Superb, you will continue to receive your ongoing payouts.

Will my recurring payout change when a customer upgrades their account?

Yes. Since your recurring payout is based on the MRR of the customer, your monthly payout will adjust based on the new MRR of the customer. This means that your monthly payout will increase if the customer's MRR increases (i.e. upgrades their account or orders additional servers in the future).

Do I have any other payment options other than PayPal?

Yes, we have the following payout options available:

Method Eligibility Service Fee Minimum Threshold
PayPal US & International FREE $75
Check US Only $5 $250
ACH US Only $5 $250
Wire Transfer US & International $25 $500
Western Union US & International Custom Fee $500

What is myCP®?

myCP® is a control panel that you can monitor click-throughs to the Superb sites, new sign-ups, and your commissions. It is easy to use and accessible 24 hours from anywhere in the world. Remember the email and the password you provide when you sign up. These are your ID and password when you log into your myCP®.

What is a Tier 1 and a Tier 2 commission?

Tier 1 is a referral commission when a new sign up occurs through you. Tier 2 is a bonus. If any of your click-through visitors also sign up as an affiliate and earn commissions, YOU will receive a one time payment of 15% from their commissions.

I forgot my ID and password for myCP®. What should I do?

Please email us at and give us your name, affiliate number, and paypal account email. If you forgot your affiliate number, go to the ads you placed on your site, blog, or email and check out the link URL that is attached to the ads. You will see a 1 to 4 digit number at the end of the link URL. That is your affiliate number.

I happened to sign up twice. How can I cancel one of the accounts?

Please email us at and give us your name, affiliate number, and paypal account email and tell us which account you like to keep. It is okay to have two or more accounts, but it is easier for you to manage one. Also, the accumulated commission should be over $50.00 to be paid out. So it is better have all commissions in one account than to have small commissions spread out in various accounts.

One-Time Payout

Choose our popular one-time payout option and earn up to 120% in commissions.
Hosting Services Payout
Dedicated Servers 120%
Managed Hosting 120%
Colocation 120%
VPS $150
GRID Lite $60
GRID Pro $90
GRID Max $120
Domain Registration $2

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Recurring Payout

Join our affiliate program directly and earn up to 15% recurring commission of the customer's monthly payment for the lifetime of the account. Best of all, if customers upgrade and grow their accounts with us, your monthly recurring payouts will also increase.
Monthly Min. Sales % Of MRR Payout
$0 10%
$10,000 12%
$50,000 15%

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