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Build Your Apps on a Cloud Server

Whether you need a server to host gaming apps or company applications, you need high speed, server dependability, and attentive customer support.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our Cloud hosting services will out-perform all competitors' cloud service that are similarly priced with similar specifications in the following:

  • Overall CPU performance (passmark score)
  • Higher disk performance (IOPS, transfer speeds)
  • Higher intra-Cloud network service (back-end network throughput)

Furthermore we guarantee that you will always, 100% of the time, get the quantity of cores and the total passmark value performance of each core, the RAM, and, of course, the disk space that you are purchasing.

See "Guarantee Terms" for more information on our Guarantee and how firmly we stand behind our Guarantee of superior performance.

In a side-by-side benchmark performance test, see how our Cloud servers outperform other cloud services compared to AWS, Azure and Softlayer.

Cloud Benefits – All Plans

Guarenteed Resources

Guaranteed Resources means you're guaranteed the resources and performance of each core. This is our 100% guarantee that the amount of RAM, number of cores, disk space total and passmark performance per core is what you get.

Unparalleled Performance

Our Cloud performance provides all the resources that you can learn to expect at a performance that is unwavering. Let our cloud show you how we perform as we stay Ahead of the Rest® beating out the performances of Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer and AWS.

Worry Free

Your Cloud Instance is always available with automatic failover. Should your instance experience any issues it will automatically be restarted in another part of the cloud with virtually no downtime. One of the main benefits of Cloud hosting versus traditional dedicated servers.

Unmatched Speed

Employing InfiniBand technology with our Cloud has been engineered to allow for internal speeds 40x faster than GigE. The world's top data centers utilize 1000Mbps back end networks and Superb has redlined performance in its Cloud with blazingly fast InfiniBand connectivity. Don't let your backend become the bottleneck!

Lightning Fast

SSD (Solid State Drives) deliver the highest performance available for read/write at 6Gbps, double the speed of conventional SATA drives. With guaranteed performance being our main goal Superb pushed speed to the limit with SSD drives being standard on all Cloud offerings. With no moving parts SSD drives provide stability and longevity not seen in traditional spinning drives. Don't get left out in the rain... always look for SSD storage when considering Cloud hosting.

Distributed DNS

AnyCast DNS provides multiple points of presence for all your DNS records speeding access to your site and protecting you from DDoS attack due the physical disparity of the Cloud based AnyCast servers.

Always Up

Our 100% Uptime SLA means that we know how important your site is. With no single point of failure on our network and throughout each of our three data centers we are so confident that your Cloud instance will be up and accessible that should you ever experience any network issues we'll credit you one (1) day of service for each hour of downtime.

Superior Connectivity

Our Network, rated #1 for the last 10 years provides super fast connectivity and ultra-low latency for the quickest delivery to all the major Internet backbones. Top tier connections with the fastest and most robust providers in each of our state-of-the-art data centers assures that your Cloud instance is quickly accessible from everywhere. Customers who require unparalleled speed and low pings choose Superb Internet time and time again. Experience the Superb Standard today!

Wholesale Cloud Benefits

Built for Business

Resellers rejoice! Wholesale Cloud offers large pools of dedicated resources in a semi-private and fully customizable cloud. No servers to setup or manage, drive failures to worry about and downtime is all but eliminated due to our high availability.

Grows as You Grow

Providing the building blocks to your success. Our Wholesale Cloud allows you to build your business one block at at time. Get the resources you need now and plan for the future with easy to add Wholesale Cloud instances.

Save on Size

The bigger you grow your cloud, the less you pay. Every additional 'block' purchased entitles you to a discount saving you money as your business hosting increases. Earn up to 20% in savings every month.


You have the option to create and configure your VMs within your designated resources exactly to your liking. Build plans for customers, customize VMs for special clients and manage them all in one place.

Infinitely Scalable

Contact one of our knowledgeable sales associates for information on Wholesale Cloud larger than 10 units. We are happy to build you a customized solution allowing for all the resources required for your unique setup.


Wholesale cloud is fully compatible with private cloud and dedicated and colocated servers. This is especially useful for companies requiring servers for compliance, performance and security with the flexibility of virtual servers serving a web server role.

Flex Cloud Benefits

Unpredictable Traffic?

Flex Cloud is the perfect hosting solution for sites with highly variable traffic. Large event ticket sales, multimedia streaming, and app downloads, we've got you covered! Provide the best response times hundreds of thousands of requests from your customers and have your resources and billing adjust when those resources aren't needed. Flex cloud is the perfect plan type when you want to make sure you're hosting can handle whatever you have coming and you don't want to pay for it until that happens.

Hourly Pricing

Enjoy the convenience of paying only for what you use. Need a VM for half a day? Hourly Pricing allows you to control your expenses. Paying only for what you use is one of the most popular features of Flex Cloud and we've made it very simple for you to have high level performance priced hourly just when you need it.

Cloud on Demand

Manage your Flex Cloud and all resources from your Cloud control panel. No need to wait for tech support or to submit a ticket for changes. You want more resources or more VMs? Create them instantly and get to work quicker. OS templates allow for all the most popular setups and gives you the ability to build and destroy VMs as needed.
*requires a minimum balance in your account for the Flex Cloud account to be accessible.

Start for Free

Setup and create your Flex Cloud VM at no cost. Only pay when you're ready for the world to see it.

Full Control

Set usage limits to prevent surprises in billing. Utilize the included recipes or create your own for effortless creation of customized VMs.

Auto Scaling

Your Flex Cloud has the ability to automatically add resources to meet your usage demands. Grow your Flex Cloud only when needed.

CDN Cloud Benefits

Better, Faster User Experience

Fast websites mean a better user experience. Drastically decrease page load times and increase conversion with our CDN to build loyal, engaged users.

Increased Security

Our powerful security tools protect your content and applications from unauthorized use; includes industry-leading encryption standards.


Availability is critical. Our 100% Uptime SLA guarantees your content is distributed to your choice of Edge Groups (Continents) faster & guaranteed reliability.

Cost Savings

Using our CDN will signficantly lower your enterprise`s operational expenses. you can cut costs considerably using our CDN network compared to others.

Lightning Fast

Your content is served from over 172 global edge locations around the world so your users get your media and content from nearby servers, lightning fast.

Easy to Use

Our easy-to-use control panel is tightly integrated into our CDN making it simple to distribute your content to hundreds of edge locations globally.

Fully Managed

Everything we do is managed. We manage your cloud infrastructure and are always here for you to ensure your content is always delivered!

Global Presence

Our CDN leverages infrastructure that is located globally over nearly 200 global points of presence (CDN) edge locations around the world.

High Availability

Monitoring and operations teams are hard at work 24x7x365 to keep our CDN infrastructure available all of the time.

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Guarantee Terms

If you can demonstrate a competitor's Cloud-based service that is priced similarly to your Superb Cloud service; that the competitor's service has a higher overall benchmark score for the following after running a sustain test (at least 24 hours) with a benchmarking tool such as UnixBench since it seems to be one of the Industry's standard benchmarking tools:

  • Overall CPU performance (passmark score)
  • Higher disk performance (IOPS, transfer speeds)
  • Higher intra-Cloud network service (back-end network throughput)

That there is a significant showing of higher performance overall (at least 2 out of 3 of the above) with the competitor's service, then we will upgrade youu to the next level of CloudServer or DedicatedCloud account, at no additional charge, good for life AND we will provide you a full refund for one month worth of service. Note: CPU comparison must be for an identical number of cores. Disk comparison must be for similar media (i.e. SSD to SSD).