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Testing Magento's Performance

Optimized vs Unoptimized Magento

Maximizing redundancy
Eliminating every possible point of failure


Magento is becoming the most widely used eCommerce software platforms for online merchants. This is due to the flexibility of this eCommerce platform to allow customization of your online merchant site as well as being able to control the flow of how products are ordered online.

The problem many users are experiencing is that Magento is quite resource intensive; resulting in slow server performances compared to other eCommerce platforms such as osCommerce. Performance degradation is apparent when more products are added to the platform, and is more evident with concurrent usage. As a result, failed transactions will occur due to the lack of resources available to the server. This will ultimately lead to frustrated customers and loss of revenue for you.

Our Optimized Magento service will improve the performance of your server by maximizing the number of transactions your server can handle, minimizing the number of failed transactions, and providing quicker response times to your customer. Our key strategy is to make efficient use of your system's resources. Based on our test results, our optimized servers increased the total number of transactions achieved by 4.7 times and reduced response time by 43%*. In addition, the performance gains of our optimization eliminated the number of failed transactions that occurred due to the lack of server resources in an unoptimized environment.

"On average, Magento Optimization improves response time by 44%"
- Paul Graydon, Systems Engineer

"Our optimized servers increased the total number of transactions achieved by 4.7 times"
- William Song, Product Developer

Testing Methodology

For our test, we are simulating a Magento store with 100,000 product SKUs. To begin, we used the following server configurations and loaded each with CentOS 5 and Magento Community Edition 1.3.2.

For each server configuration, we loaded one server with a Magento environment that is not optimized and another server with a Magento environment that is optimized. We used Siege for load testing to simulate the performance of each server with concurrent simulated users. To measure performance gains, we recorded results of the following:

  • Successful Transactions - the number of times the server responded with a valid code. A transaction is defined by the summation of each concurrent user hitting the server successfully in a 120 second window.
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  • Failed Transactions - the number of times the server failed to respond with a valid code
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  • Response Time - the average time the server took to respond to each concurrent user's request.
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    Optimized Dedicated Servers
    Without Optimized Dedicated Servers
    Improved Optimized Dedicated Servers


    Our Optimized Magento service will maximize the performance of your server by efficiently using your system resources. The key benefit of optimizing your Magento eCommerce platform is to minimize the number of failed responses, and provide a better end-user experience of your online merchant store by providing information quicker.

    Squeezing the most performance out of your server can make a difference in how your web site functions, and the impression it makes to your customers. Even fractions of a second matter when it comes to displaying web pages to give the best end-user experience, especially on dynamic sites.

    Based on our data, our optimization provides 4.7 times more transactions on average and improves server response time by 44%. This translates to quicker browsing of your catalog pages, faster search results of products, and a higher rate of successful order completions.

    Be sure to contact our sales team to learn more about Superb's Optimized Magento services at 888.354.6128 or

    Servers Tested

    Rackmount Server
    Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8GHz
    4GB RAM
    500GB SATA Hard Drive

    Rackmount Server
    Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
    4GB RAM
    500GB SATA Hard Drive

    Rackmount Server
    2 x Intel Xeon E5520 (Nehalem) 2.26GHz
    4GB RAM
    500GB SATA Hard Drive