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How to update zone records on CentOS

Updating zone records on CentOS

This video tutorial demonstrates how to update zone records on CentOS.

  1. To begin, logon to your master nameserver and open the master zone by typing
    vi /var/named/[your domain name].com.master
    and press enter.
  2. Now you will specify the MX record. Press Insert to start editing.
  3. You can now add a new MX record to the zone. Tab, and type:
    IN	MX	10	mail.[your domain name].com.
    and press enter.
  4. Then, add the following record within the “Define” directive section to resolve the mail host to a IP address. Beneath www, type:
    mail	IN	A	[your mail server IP address]
    and press enter.
  5. Update the serial number value near the top of the file, following the yyyymmddss format.
  6. Exit the vi editor by typing :q and press enter.
  7. To reload the zone file, run rndc reload at the command prompt and press enter.
  8. Logon to your slave nameserver.
  9. To see if the zone on the slave nameserver has replicated the updates from the master nameserver, run
    vi /var/named/slaves/[your domain name].com.slave
    and press enter.
  10. Ensure that the zone file records have replicated and exit the vi editor with :q enter.
  11. You can check the zone file by executing at the prompt:
    named-checkzone [your domain name].com /var/named/slaves/[your domain name].com.slave
    and press enter.

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