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IIS website setup

How to setup your website with Windows IIS

Transfer Website Files

  1. You will setup your website using the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager screen, located within the Administrative Services Console.
  2. To begin the set-up, you need to access your Local (C:) drive. Click the desktop "Computer" icon.
  3. Within the C: drive, open the "inetpub" folder, and then open the "wwwroot" folder.
  4. Locate and copy the folder that contains your website files and paste it into the "wwwroot" folder. In this example, our website files are located within the "MyFirstSite" folder.
  5. Once the files have transferred, close the C: drive window to return to the IIS Manager.

Connect Website

  1. To connect your website to the server, click "Sites" beneath the name of your server in the left pane of the IIS Manager, which will open the "Add Web Site" application.
  2. On the "Add Web Site" configuration screen, enter the name of your website in the "Site name:" field.
  3. In the "Content Directory" section, click the browse button beside the "Physical path:" field to locate the website folder you pasted into "wwwroot," select it and click "OK"
  4. In the "Host name:" field of the "Add Web Site" screen, enter the name of your server. Click "OK."
  5. You will see your website folder beneath "Sites" in the Administrative Service Console.
  6. To run your newly created website on the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager screen run "Browse webserver on *:80(http)" by clicking the link in the right panel of the IIS.

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