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Why Choose Us?

From the very beginning, we've been building long term goals. We've built our infrastructure to endure and our data centers to be resilient. We have invested heavily in truly superior staff. We intend for our business partnerships, our customers, and our staff to last for the long term. Our customer success stories is proof of our commitment.

Whether you're purchasing a share on a single server or a whole rack of clustered servers plus our full range of dedicated hosting options we give you the absolute best. And your prices are fixed, so you can count on stable monthly costs. No multiplying rates, no "bait and switch."

We want to help your business grow and focus on generating loyalty, not simply sales figures. Your needs, your desires, and your expectations are what fuel our efforts. By focusing on you, we constantly improve our range of services and the way we support operations.

After all, without you, there is no us! We know that each and every customer is a valued business partner.

We Keep Our Promises

One of our most significant advantages is our expertly trained, highly experienced technicians who are on-site, 24x7x365, at each one of our three data centers. Whenever you call or submit a ticket online, you know that you will get an immediate response from an expert technician where your server is located. We have absolutely no outsourced, third-party technical staff, only experienced in-house support technicians.

That's why we offer our 100% Network Uptime Industry-leading SLA (one of our many industry milestones), and our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We can afford to keep our promises, because every single aspect of our business is reliable from the initial advice of our seasoned Sales Staff to the non-stop performance of our coast-to-coast infrastructure.

Though we keep our client list confidential, you'd be surprised to learn how many major industry players have turned to Superb for the promises we keep by reading our success stories.

We're the First!

  • First to offer name-based virtual hosting (1990s)
  • First to offer unlimited site, third-level domain wildcard (*) hosting (1990s)
  • First to offer commercial VPS service (early 2000)
  • First to provide true 100% Network Uptime SLA (not 9s)